camp CODE on the ROAD

Our plans of moving to a tropical island in June of 2004 had radically changed when a family that used to live on that same island told us their troubling story (they recently moved back to Ohio).  Being inventors and adventurers, and not knowing what to do or where to go (but knowing we did not like Ohio), we were at a loss.  We've surrendered to the fact that we are not happy unless we are on the go.  While traveling, we do our best brainstorming and planning so... to help us in our "home" finding journey, we decided to buy a camper on ebay and
"CODE on the ROAD"


We picked up the camper in Illinois on Friday, September 10, 2004.  By chance, we saw some fighter planes in Terre Haute, IN along the way!  We camped that night by Carlyle Lake and cooked marshmallows by the camp fire under a bizillion stars!

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We had a good time at the Moore's log cabin in southern Ohio for a weekend in late September, 2004.  We pulled the camper up the hill and parked on their property.  S'mores, hotdogs, beers, and laughs with good friends pretty much sums it all up.  Thanks to Theresa's Dad and Step-Mom for cooking awesome meals for us all and teaching us to play "Rummy-o".

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