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"Treasures From The Sea"

coin1.gif (15793 bytes)We are Karen & Jeff Manross - scuba divers, computer consultants, inventors, doers. We want to start keeping a log of our diving adventures and instead of writing it all down in a 3 ring binder, why not put it out on the internet for your reading pleasure as well!! ENJOY.
coin2.gif (9102 bytes)Jeff bought me an underwater metal detector (Fisher 1280X with a 10 1/2" ring) for Christmas 96'. We were fed up with watching and reading about other people finding riches in the sea and on land. Now it is our turn. As we take trips, we will keep this page updated with our findings (or not) and other information.
coin4.gif (10552 bytes)This page has received a tremendous amount of interest. We haven't been very good at keeping it updated (and we've been told so!) - Sorry.

We found something of $$ value.....

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Treasure Net!

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