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April - 1999

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"The Group"
Michelle, Bill, Carla, Jerry, Cristi, Jeff,
Karen taking pic, and Richard not shown
Chowtime at Calico Jacks

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Villa View, Grand Cayman

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Karen's festive Dive nails

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Doo-Rag Tan

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Up at 6:30am, making breakfast for all ????

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Fashion Diva

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Jeff in touch with his feminine side
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Little Gecko


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The Dive, Cristi's First !

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Purple Vase Sponge
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Friendly Grouper - wants to be pet
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Yellow Tube Sponge with
Red Rope Sponge

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Three Hundred Pound
Green Sea Turtle

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   Jerry and Carla at Cayman Turtle Farm
Carla says "Ooh"

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Flight to Little Cayman

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Island Taxi


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Sam McCoys Dive Lodge

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Michelle found a buddy to hang with !

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Hammock Shack - Sleeps 8

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The View from Sam McCoy's

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Lily Pads
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Cayman Garden
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Cool Leaves !

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and Jeff, once again, has found the hammock !

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Cristi, Jeff, and Karen

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