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ahh, McCoy's bar ! JEFF hammock time Saturday nite entertainment
Karen's Krafts

Brian, it's just a mathematical equation
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Party Pool

Lappy and his island toy.
Nicci and Chris - engaged ! Beertender - Mary Awesome Cook


fresh Conch and Jerry's Conch pearl

You can run, but you can't hide

hmm, pool or the ocean ?

The Cooks, yes Brian in water

Go on Brian, Get In

lc201.jpg (138698 bytes) aerobics - island style

Here, lizard, lizard !

it's naked time !


not quite

Who's holding up who?

The Ultimate Sand Castle

Perfect Pair

Mary and Lappy dancing

Aquaphobic? Yeah, right !

World Famous Lone Star

in his element

Cayman blown glass

storm on the horizon

you go, Jerry!

There it is, the Cayman Cloud - Beautiful!

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